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Birthdate:Sep 14
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Victoria [REDACTED]: formerly a senior agent of [REDACTED], a covert operations section within MI6 launched in May [REDACTED] at the request of Minister [REDACTED].

She is considered the most efficient wetworks asset ever run by the department, and has been directly responsible for a minimum of [REDACTED] official kills.

Recruited whilst studying Russian at the University of [REDACTED] in [REDACTED], Victoria has repeatedly proved herself a lethal and highly loyal agent of the crown, and participated in several joint MI6-CIA operations in [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], notably working alongside CIA operatives Joseph Matheson, Frank Moses and Marvin Boggs on several highly successful operations including [REDACTED] in 1977 and [redacted] in 1984. All four agents are believed to have developed a close working relationship as a result of the above; Victoria is believed to have twice saved the lives of Agents Moses and Matheson during the [REDACTED] incident in [REDACTED].

She was considered potentially compromised by her relationship with known KGB asset Ivan Simanov; however, when ordered to end the relationship, she complied. Simanov is known to have survived her attempt on his life but has never attempted to resume contact; this is believed to be mutual.

Victoria retired on the 29th of October 19[REDACTED].

[Retired Extremely Dangerous]

Victoria is from the movies RED and RED 2 where she is played by the goddess known to humanity as Helen Mirren. She is in no way mine and no profit is being made.
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